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Volunteer Opportunities

You can be a part of the Julia's Café & Books team and make a difference in your community! Below are the current open volunteer positions in the Julia's book department. Each position has its own specific requirements, but overall, we ask for a regular and long-term commitment after the initial 3-4 week "getting-to-know-you" period. 

Once you've taken a look at the positions below, please fill out an application if you are interested in joining our team! 

To set up an interview, please contact Shawn Grady at (704) 716-7040 ext. 2230 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you have any questions or need assistance, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Book Cleaner

Our bookstore, as part of Julia's Café, is home to 5,000 gently used books. It takes a lot of volunteers to make the bookstore successful, and we wouldn't be able to do it without our volunteers who specialize in one particular part of the process. Our cleaners make sure the books on the shelves have the "like new" quality our customers have come to expect and ensure that all books are properly priced.


  • Identify sellable books from books that need to be recycled
  • Identify different categories/genres of books
  • Clean stickers and other "gunk" off sellable books, check publication dates, remove bookmarks, flatten bent pages, and check for highlighting/underlining
  • Price books according to established pricing structure
  • Learn exceptions to pricing rules and keep up-to-date on special changes
  • Place books in their appropriate boxes to go on the shelves
  • Serve as the final quality-check person making sure each book meets our standards

Book Sorter

Our Sorting Experts learn how to separate the "jewels from the junk," and recycle our books that aren't fit to go on the shelves. Only books in very good condition are sold in Julia's Café & Books.


  • Determine if books should go onto the next stage or be recycled based on condition and age
  • Determine if books are fiction, non-fiction, written by a popular author, rare books, children's books or mass market paperbacks
  • Determine the category of certain non-fiction books
  • Keep up to date on all Julia's quality guidelines
  • Keep sorting area neat and safe from tripping hazards

Book Scanner

Our Scanning Expert operates a scanning computer program, which determines whether or not the books should go to our brick & mortar storefront or our online storefront.


  • If books are going to the brick & mortar side, determine if the books should go to the next stage in the process or be recycled
  • Put all children's books in the children's book area bin
  • Put all mass market books in the mass market area bin
  • Identify rare books from "older" books by checking dates

Shelving Volunteer

This position must be able to work independently and be the "face" for Julia's book department. Prior experience in libraries, book stores, or customer service is preferred.


  • Maintain store cleanliness and organization
  • Assist customers as needed
  • Maintain inventory and restock shelves


Volunteers will correspond with online customers, add new items to our marketplace inventory system, fulfill, and ship online orders.


Coffee lovers, rejoice! Julia's Coffee needs your help! We are searching for volunteer baristas to assist staff baristas in making coffee and helping customers. Experience in a coffee shop is not needed, just a friendly face with a knack for customer service! One-site training is provided.


    • Run the café register
    • Fill customer orders, including coffee, tea, soda and some espresso beverages (additional training required)
    • Stock café products
    • Assist in cleaning the bar, cabinets, floors, café tables and restrooms

Book Drive

Are you interested in hosting a Book Drive for Julia's? Your office, church or book club can be a great resource for book donations to Julia's. We provide the containers, you provide the book donors, and all the proceeds support Habitat! Contact us at 704.295.4585 or books@juliascafe.org.

Gift Card

Give someone the gift of Julia's anytime!  Julia's Gift Cards are available in the store, so come on in and give the gift of Julia's goodness!