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Host a Book Drive

Aside from drinking delicious coffee and eating out-of-this-world food, the easiest way to support Julia’s mission is to host a book drive.

It couldn’t be any easier: we provide all the materials, and all the host needs to do is provide a space and spread the word.

Small Tote Bin

This drive is best for small organizations and is easily replicated across multiple sites. For instance, a company with five different offices in Charlotte could do a company-wide drive by having a small tote bin at each of their offices.

Donation Bin on Wheels

This is the type of drive that we do the most! Most mid-to-large size offices, churches and other organizations choose this type of drive due to its mobility and size. We’ll drop off a large bin (think of your home’s wheeled recycling bin) that can stay in your space until it’s full, then we’ll come pick it up!

Please note: our team requests a one-week notice for business/church book drives.

Neighborhood Drive

An ambitious project, but we have the system, equipment and experience to make it a success! We deliver a tote bag and letter from the resident/host to every home in the neighborhood one weekend, and then pick up the full tote bags next weekend. The letter helps explain what Julia’s does and just how much of an impact someone’s old books can make!

Please note: our team requests a 60-day advance notice of Neighborhood Book Drives.

ready to host a book drive?

We are more than willing and able to modify our current Book Drive options to make it work for you! 

more book drive questions?

We’re happy to talk to you more about Book Drives! Please email Margaret at for more information.